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Tags by Style

Standard swing tags with barcode and brand logo, designed for clothing and retail prices, featuring eyelets for easy hanging on products.

Standard Swing Tags

Simple square or rectangular printed clothing tags, available to a maximum  size of 210mm x 210mm.

Folded swing tags with custom branding and barcode for UK retail, featuring durable lamination, eyelets for easy hanging, and detailed design showcasing prices and product information.

Folded Swing Tags

Folded swing tags are ideal if you need to show more information such as instructions, images or ingredients.

Shaped swing tags with custom branding and eyelet detail, designed for enhanced product identity and retail presentation, featuring unique lamination and design elements.

Shaped Swing Tags

For something a bit different. Take a look at our shaped swing tags and choose from a variety of shapes.

Large swing tags featuring bold branding and barcode information, crafted with premium lamination and eyelets for durable retail use, highlighting product tags with distinctive design and pricing details.

Large Swing Tags

Our popular range of large swing tags perfect as furniture price tags or to promote large household items.

Custom swing tags tailored for unique brand identity, showcasing intricate designs and lamination finishes, equipped with durable eyelets for hanging on clothing and retail products, reflecting personalised branding and pricing strategies.

Custom Swing Tags

Stand out with a unique hang tag shape. We can create your own custom shape swing tags.

Express swing tags designed for quick retail deployment, featuring streamlined branding, barcodes for efficient scanning, and reinforced eyelets for secure hanging on products, highlighting fast turnaround times without compromising quality.

Express Swing Tags

For those businesses that need a quick turnaround on their custom swing tag printing order.

Swing tag printing, perfect for any business in the UK retail sector, offer a custom touch to your branding.

Whether you know them as hang tags, luggage tags, clothing tags, price tags, sale tags, apparel labels, or product swing tickets, you’re sure to find the perfect swing tag within our range that matches your inspiration. We can print any size, shape, and colour tags to suit your needs, from rectangle to folded, and even laminated finishes that elevate your marketing efforts.

For those looking for unique materials, our selection includes the popular brown kraft option, providing an earthy aesthetic that can enhance your product presentation. With our free sample pack, you can explore a variety of designs and finishes, ensuring you find the ideal swing labels that speaks to your brand’s identity.

Each tag can feature eyelets for secure hanging, and options for barcode and product tag integration, making them ideal for retail shopping experiences. Our commitment to quality means we offer a range of lamination and material options, including silk, to ensure your branding stands out. Whether it’s for clothing or any other product, our laminated tags with eyelets are designed to enhance your brand identity, showcasing your label and brand with clarity and style.

Need to speed up the delivery?

Take a look at our Express Service – swing tags delivered to your door within 3 working days! This fast turnaround ensures your products are hanging with the perfect tags just in time for important events or promotional offers. Plus, our online template offers an easy starting point, allowing you to create a custom design that perfectly encapsulates your brand’s ethos.

Industries We Serve

  • Retail: Enhance your product presentation with stylish tags.
  • Gifts and Souvenirs: Add a personal touch to your items.
  • Clothing and Apparel: Perfect for branding and care instructions.
  • Food and Beverage: Use for pricing, product information, or branding.


  • Experience: Years of expertise in custom printing solutions.
  • Quality: We use the latest printing technology for crisp, clear results.
  • Service: Dedicated support team to ensure your satisfaction
  • Value: Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Tag by Material

Silk hang tags with elegant lamination, showcasing sophisticated branding and design, complete with eyelets for secure attachment, emphasizing luxury and quality in retail clothing labels and product tags.

Silk Hang Tags

Our most popular stock.
Perfect for vibrant designs.

Brown Kraft hang tags crafted from eco-friendly material, featuring natural texture and minimalist design, with sturdy eyelets for durable hanging on products, ideal for branding with a focus on sustainability and simplicity in retail.

Brown Kraft Hang Tags

Eco-friendly, rustic and versatile.
Perfect for dark colours and muted tones.

Uncoated tags with a raw, natural finish, ideal for eco-conscious branding and product labeling, featuring simple designs and robust eyelets for secure attachment, emphasizing an organic and authentic retail experience.

Uncoated Tags

Ideal for embossing/debossing or foil stamping.

Recycled swing tags made from post-consumer waste, showcasing eco-friendly branding and sustainable design, equipped with durable eyelets for hanging, emphasizing environmental responsibility in retail packaging and labeling.

100% Recycled Tags

For a rustic and environmentally friendly look and feel.

Coloured hang tags in vibrant hues, designed to catch the eye with bold branding and creative designs, complete with sturdy eyelets for secure attachment, enhancing product appeal and identity in a competitive retail environment.

Coloured Card

Make a statement with coloured card tags.

Waterproof product tags engineered for durability and resilience, featuring weather-resistant materials with vibrant branding and secure eyelets for outdoor and aquatic retail products, ensuring long-lasting visibility and information integrity.

Waterproof Product Tags

Long lasting and durable, waterproof swing tags are perfect for outdoor use.

Conqueror hang tags, known for their premium texture and exceptional quality, featuring sophisticated branding elements and durable eyelets for a luxurious retail presentation, embodying elegance and durability in product labeling.

Conqueror Tags

Top quality, luxury tags with a textured feel. Perfect for premium items.

Custom Hang Tag String Options 

swing tag without string

No String

swing tags supplied with string

String Supplied

Swing Tag with attached and looped string

String Attached - Looped

swing tag with attached and tied string

String Attached - Tied

metal eyelets

Metal Eyelets

Our swing tags are supplied as standard with a 3mm diameter hole drilled (location to suit). If you would like to add eyelets to your swing tags, giving some  protection around  the drill hole plus offering a more tactile finish, we can help! We can supply silver or gold metal eyelets.
Please contact us for more information.


String your swing tickets with this sustainable alternative
and reduce plastic usage in your workplace
Take a look at the String Options we have available
For more information, contact us:

Why Use Us For Price Tags?

As a leading supplier of Swing Tags in the UK, we do not compromise on quality.

We are committed to reducing our, and our customers’, environmental impact. We use FSC certified paper stocks, print with vegetable lithographic inks and provide carbon neutral deliveries. Our products all have eco-friendly paper stocks available, so you can make the best choice for your brand. 

All our printing is carried out in house on our own machines so we are in control of turnaround times and printing standards. We offer fast, free delivery and with over 30 years’ experience, we can offer helpful advice throughout!

Plus, we offer a wide range of tag templates – free, downloadable and there to help you create your perfect swing tag design.

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Looking for Design Tips?

Explore our essential design tips for printed swing tags!

50 Uses for Swing Tags
  1. Price Display: Hang tags are commonly used to display the price of clothing items in retail stores.
  2. Brand Identity: Swing tags can help reinforce a brand’s identity by featuring logos and brand colors.
  3. Product Information: Labels can provide essential product information such as size, material, and care instructions.
  4. Barcode Scanning: Tags often include barcodes for easy inventory management and checkout.
  5. Discount Offers: Swing tags can promote special offers or discounts to encourage purchases.
  6. Gift Messages: Hang tags can include a space for shoppers to write personalized messages when giving items as gifts.
  7. Art Pieces: Swing tickets can be designed as collectible art pieces related to the product or brand.
  8. Authenticity Certification: Labels can certify the authenticity of luxury goods, artwork, and collectibles.
  9. Sustainability Claims: Tags can highlight eco-friendly materials or sustainable manufacturing practices.
  10. QR Codes: Swing tags with QR codes can link to interactive content, like videos or the brand’s website.
  11. Limited Edition Notices: Hang tags can indicate that a product is a limited edition to enhance its perceived value.
  12. Product Storytelling: Swing labels can tell the story behind a product’s design or inspiration.
  13. Social Media Promotion: Tags can encourage buyers to share their purchase on social media with branded hashtags.
  14. Warranty Information: Labels can provide warranty information or instructions on how to register a product online.
  15. Safety Instructions: Tags can offer safety warnings or guidelines for products like electronics or toys.
  16. Nutritional Information: For food products, swing tags can display nutritional information or ingredients.
  17. Membership or Loyalty Codes: Hang tags can include membership or loyalty program information to encourage sign-ups.
  18. Return Policy: Labels can clearly outline the return policy to improve customer satisfaction.
  19. Size Guides: Tags can include size guides or charts for apparel, helping customers make informed choices.
  20. Event Invitations: Swing tags can double as invitations to brand events or product launches.
  21. Care Instructions: For items like clothing or furniture, tags provide care instructions to prolong the item’s life.
  22. Cross-Selling: Hang tags can suggest other products or accessories that complement the purchase.
  23. Customer Feedback: Swing labels can encourage customers to leave feedback or reviews online.
  24. Product Registration: Tags can include information on how to register products for safety recalls or updates.
  25. Contact Information: Labels can provide contact details for customer service or support.
  26. Artist Collaborations: Swing tickets can highlight collaborations with artists or designers.
  27. Thank You Notes: Hang tags can include thank you messages from the brand to the customer.
  28. Fabric Content: Tags can list the fabric content and origin for apparel items.
  29. Installation Instructions: For DIY or assembly-required products, swing tags can offer quick installation tips.
  30. Colour Names: Labels can include the specific color names of apparel or accessories for easy reference.
  31. Usage Tips: Tags can provide tips on how to get the best use out of the product.
  32. Charity Support: Swing tags can inform customers about a portion of the proceeds going to charity.
  33. Collector’s Items: Hang tags designed as collector’s items can enhance the value of collectible merchandise.
  34. Awards and Recognitions: Labels can boast awards or recognitions the product or brand has received.
  35. Customisation Options: Tags can detail available customization options for products like shoes or bags.
  36. Interactive Elements: Swing tickets with scratch-off areas or other interactive elements can engage customers.
  37. Recycling Instructions: Labels can guide customers on how to recycle the product or packaging responsibly.
  38. Bilingual Information: For diverse markets, tags can include product information in multiple languages.
  39. Collaboration QR Codes: Hang tags can feature QR codes that link to collaborative playlists or content.
  40. Hashtag Campaigns: Swing tags can promote specific hashtag campaigns for marketing purposes.
  41. Crafting Ideas: Labels can suggest creative ways to reuse or repurpose the product or packaging.
  42. Washing Instructions: Tags on clothing or fabric items can provide detailed washing and drying instructions.
  43. Size Conversion: For international brands, swing tickets can include size conversion charts.
  44. Patent Information: Hang tags can note if a product is patented or pending patent approval.
  45. Ingredients Source: For food or beauty products, labels can highlight the source of ingredients.
  46. Expiration Date: Swing tags on perishable items can clearly display the expiration date.
  47. Braille Information: Tags can include Braille for visually impaired customers.
  48. Social Responsibility Statements: Labels can state the company’s commitment to social responsibility.
  49. Seasonal Messages: Hang tags can reflect seasonal greetings or themes related to the product.
  50. Product Pairing Suggestions: Swing tickets can suggest food or beverage pairings for items like cheese or wine.

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