Waterproof Swing Tags

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Waterproof Swing Tags

Long lasting and durable, our waterproof and tearproof swing tags are the right solution for a product that is stored outside, or for a tag that needs to be reusable, for example, a sale tag.

These waterproof tags are ideal for use outdoors as they’re a match for the wind and the rain but they’re still lightweight enough for indoor use and for use with more delicate products.

They can be wiped clean and used again and again without the need for lamination and the polyester material can withstand being handled over and over again without becoming shabby or dog-eared.

Our waterproof and tear proof tags come printed at top quality in full colour to both sides on premium never tear which is a matt white polyester sheet.

Our waterproof tags are available in a lightweight 150gsm material and also in a more durable 350gsm.

We would recommend opting for the heavy weight material if printing on both sides is required. If the tags will be handled by the public you may also want to remove any potentially sharp corners, either by adding round corners, or die cutting to shape. Please note, our swing tags are typically printed digitally which means there is a small amount of movement when printing, this can mean designs are not all perfectly central. If you would like your swing tags printed using our litho press, please contact us for a cost.


Shapes/Sizes see previews for detailed views:

  • Square/Folded Tags/Shaped Tags
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes


  • Printed in 4 colour to one or both sides


  • Waterproof/Tear Proof (160gsm-360gsm)


  • Hole drilled and trimmed to size

Hole Diameter:

  • 3mm – standard
  • Also available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm – please let us know at time of ordering if you would like to change to one of these sizes.


  • No string supplied
  • String supplied but not attached
  • String supplied looped
  • String supplied tied

String Type:

  • Elastic – Black and White
  • Natural String
  • Coloured String – Black, White, Red, Gold, Silver, Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue
  • Rustic String
  • Two Tone String
  • Metal Ball and Chain
  • Coloured Ribbon – Red, White, Black, Gold, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Silver
  • Printed Coloured Ribbon


What are some common uses for waterproof tags?
Waterproof swing tags are ideal for plants, cosmetics, food products, drink bottles, machinery and clothing
Will my design be proofed before sending to print?
We don’t normally proof print-ready artwork but if you would like us to, then please tell us at the time of your order so that we can add this to our system.
I want to use these to tag clothing that is kept outside, can I add a QR code?
Yes! Adding a QR code to your swing tag is a great way to direct customers directly to your website, socials or event details!
Can you print clothing tags on this waterproof stock in the shape of my logo?
We can print clothing tags to be any size or shape! Simply send us your swing tag dimensions and artwork and we will do the rest!


Template Read Me Guide

Your designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage or send over to us later if it is easier. Alternatively, visit our Artwork Design Services page for more information regarding our professional design service.

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