Laminated Swing Tags

Increase the strength and durability of your swing labels – and brighten or soften the look of your print – by choosing our laminated custom printed swing tags. We use 350gsm silk stock as standard for our laminated tags, but a wide choice of alternative materials are available. Choose from Matt (subdued, elegant finish), Gloss (glossy finish laminate) and Soft Touch (for a luxurious feel) lamination options. A laminated tag offers extra protection against water and tearing and also provides an additional aesthetic finish.

The lamination is added to both sides of the tag as standard, but tags can be left laminate-free on one side to enable you to easily write on this surface. Laminated tags are the ideal choice if you need your printed label to be robust e.g., price tags for outdoor markets, plant care tags or laminated luggage tags.

Laminated paper tags with string and either elegant matt or high gloss lamination are a popular must-have for all retail settings.

What is lamination?

Lamination is a production term, used to describe the process of adding a protective layer of plastic or some other material on top of the finished product. The advantages this technique are numerous; depending on the type of lamination it can provide extra durability and tensile strength, make the product waterproof, or offer an aesthetically pleasing result that can’t be achieved without a lamination process.

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Lets take a look at the different types of lamination in more detail, so you can make the best choice for your custom printed swing tags…


Gloss Laminated Swing Tags


Matt Laminated Swing Tags

Gloss Lamination

For a glossy, shiny finish which gives a visual illusion of brighter colours and crispier lines, opt for gloss laminated swing tags. Gloss lamination is our most-effective lamination option. The only drawback to adding gloss lamination to your clothing tags is that because the surface catches the light, wear and tear marks become more obvious than with other lamination styles.  Gloss laminated gift tags can be written on, the text can be easily wiped off when you’re done. 

Matt Lamination

Matt laminated swing cards have an elegant and professional finish. They are pleasing to the touch with a softer feel than other lamination styles. With a less reflective coating layer, your design will have a more natural, softer finish. 

Perfect for subtle, natural designs but not ideal if you want your bright colours to ‘pop’! Matt laminated swing tags are marginally more expensive than gloss styles but are still a budget-friendly option for your printed clothing tags. 

Silk Lamination

For a smooth, protective lamination style that provides an elegant and stylish look and feel opt for silk lamination. While protecting your printed swing tags from rips, scratches, stains, creases and smudges, our silk laminated swing tags are durable, smooth to the touch and a popular choice for custom printed tags. Silk lamination can be easily written on and is another cost-effective lamination method. 

Soft Touch Lamination

Adding soft-touch lamination to your swing tickets offers the same visual effects as matt lamination but with the added benefit of having a soft, velvet-like touch. This lamination style offers a sense of luxury to your swing tags. Soft-touch is our most expensive lamination option.

Again, this lamination style is not ideal for bright colours and suits a softer, natural design. If your design is all about the colours, we would recommend selecting gloss lamination. 

Swing tags gloss lamination
Swing tags soft touch lamination
Swing tags matt lamination

If you need any more lamination assistance then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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