Die Cutting Explained

What is die cutting?

In the printing world, die cutting is a specialist method for creating custom shaped products, including swing tags.

Die cutting is a quick and inexpensive way of cutting lots of swing tickets into identical shapes. A machine presses the printed sheet and a die (or ‘punch block’) together, cutting out your shape in an instant!

The dies can be for any shape, such as circles, hearts or stars. The die cuts out your shape in an instant, leaving you with beautiful, custom-made swing tags.

Looking to jazz up your design with some cut outs? We can help!

Using the latest die cutting technology, we can create virtually any shape as a cut out within your custom swing tag.

Should you wish for the string to come through the tag in a more elaborate design (as opposed to standard eyelets) we can help you achieve this – just get in touch to discuss your custom die cut hang tags needs!

custom die cut flyers

Die cutting can be used to create any custom-shaped swing tag. Match your swing ticket to your logo or best selling product!

wooden die block

Die Cut Block

die cutting block

Block Mounted on Platten

custom shape tags

Custom Shaped Swing Tags

What are the benefits of die-cutting?

  • Once a die/punch block has been created, it can be used as many times as needed – allowing you to create identicle swing tags over and over again!
  • Less material is wasted when using the die-cutting method – this is both cost effective and much better for the environment.
  • We can die-cut complex shapes allowing you to be creative!  

Which materials can be die-cut?

Die-cutting has best results when used with low strength materials such as paper and card, due to the nature of the ‘punch-out’ style of cutting. The minimum paper weight we can die cut is 170gsm and the maximum is 500gsm. Swing Tags are most commonly purchased on either silk or uncoated paper stocks at around 350gsm. 

Digital Cutting

For small order quantities, we may use digital cutting. No physical die is needed for this type of cutting – it is a process that uses a blade that follows a path generated by a computer-programme to create your custom shape. 

Die blocks can be expensive, this method reduces the cost and production time needed to produce shaped hang tags. 

Digital cutting is not able to match the volume output of traditional die cutting but for short runs, it is ideal. 

shaped swing tags

Digitally Cut Swing Tag

If you have any more questions about die cutting, traditional or digital call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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