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We are reducing our environmental footprint and are here to help you to do the same!

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At, we’ve put in a range measures to make sure our printed swing tags are as eco friendly as possible. We use FSC certified stocks for our paper, ensuring that all our materials are sustainable. We employ carbon neutral delivery companies to offset any emissions. We also print with lithographic vegetable based inks. To learn more about our eco conscious initiatives, take a look at our sustainability information.  

To help you keep your environmentally friendly commitment, we offer a range of green swing tag materials: uncoated, recycled and Kraft.

Uncoated products have no additional in built lamination or coating, making them less energy consuming to produce, and fully recyclable. 

Recycled key card holders are made from fully recycled paper stock.

Kraft swing tags are recycled, recyclable and unbleached. They use less energy to produce than the bleached alternatives and as such are the best option for your green swing tags.

Take a look at our most eco friendly swing tags below and commit to going green! 

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