Swing Tag String Options

Here at swingtags.co.uk we can offer a variety of string options, if there is something you had in mind for your custom product tag that you don’t see detailed here, contact us!

We can supply your tags with or without string. If you choose to have string we can either supply the string separately and pre-cut to size, or attached to the tag (either looping or tying).

We supply string so the finished tag will have a string length of either 10cm or 15cm.

swing tag without string

No String

swing tags supplied with string

String Supplied

Swing Tag with attached and looped string

String Attached - Looped

swing tag with attached and tied string

String Attached - Tied

String Styles

You can choose from a selection of string types and colours to add to your tags.

swing tag black elastic

Black Elastic

swing tag black string

Black String

swing tag white elastic

White Elastic

swing tag white string

White String

swing tag gold elastic

Gold Elastic

swing tag red string

Red String

swing tag silver elastic

Silver Elastic

swing tag navy string

Navy String

swing tag rustic string

Rustic String

swing tag natural string

Natural String

swing tag metal ball chain

Ball Chain

swing tag natural string

Red and White String

metal eyelets

Metal Eyelets

Our swing tags are supplied as standard with a 3mm diameter hole drilled (location to suit). If you would like to add eyelets to your swing tags, giving some  protection around  the drill hole plus offering a more tactile finish, we can help! We can supply silver or gold metal eyelets.
Please contact us for more information.

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