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Pick your panels

What do you need to communicate to your potential customers? If it’s a short simple message, then a standard swing tag will be sufficient. However, if you’re including a long list of ingredients or instructions, consider using a multi-folded tag. This will act like a mini booklet, giving you plenty of room for your text.

Swing Tags UK Design Tips
custom shape tags

Consider a custom shape

Why stick to a standard four sided shape – it’s time to think outside of the rectangular box!

Consider a different, eye-catching shape to really make an impact with your swing tag. For example, consider using a custom swing tag in the shape of a teddy bear swing tag for toys, or perhaps a bottle for drinks.

Use colour cleverly

With such a small space, an abundance of colour can make your swing tag look crowded and messy. Pick the colours from your logo or general branding and make sure that any text is in a colour which contrasts from the background to ensure it stands out – especially if you’re trying to communicate a short message quickly.

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swing tags uk double sided printing

Double-sided printing

Utilise the limited space that you have to its full potential and make sure to use both sides of your swing tag. Even if your message is short and simple, the reverse can be used for imagery or additional branding – even just printing your logo can really help with your brand reinforcement.

Special touches

When designing your swing tag, make sure that it matches the tone of the product with which it is associated. For example, if you are promoting a luxury product or a special occasion, the tag should include special touches to really elevate it. Consider foiling, a glossy lamination or spot UV to really give your swing tag a distinct element. You could also consider utilising a perforated edge (perfect for gifts and tearing off the price segment) or a scratch-off latex panel (ideal for prizes and competitions).

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swing tags uk string options


Consider the colour and style of your string. How long does it need to be to sit right? What colour would complement your design best? We offer a wide range including black, red, gold, blue, yellow,  white and neutral strings and ribbons, as well as metal ball chains. We can provide an optional assembly service where we supply the strings attached to your swing tags, so they are retail-ready and raring to go!

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