QR Code & Barcode Printing

QR Code Printing

Why not print your custom swing tags with a QR code? Helpfully link your customer to more online information about the product, a statement regarding your eco-friendly ethos or even an online point of sale, for ease of future purchases.

Building a social media presence or hoping to facilitate online interest in a product? Supply a QR code linking directly to your business’ social media pages.

For more information about how to ensure your artwork is ready to print, take a look at our Accepted File Formats Guide.


Barcode Printing

Add barcode printing to your custom swing tags! Using variable data printing, we can print different barcodes on different hang tags throughout one print run. So whether you need all the same, all different, or a mixture of hangtags – we can help!

Choose your ideal swing tag shape, size, material and finishing options. Select from a wide selection of pre-set styles or create your own custom shaped hangtag.

Design your own artwork for your printed tags (take advantage of our tag templates to get you started) or let us take the work off your hands, with in house  design packages.

Top tip! Learn more about variable data printing, and what else you can include in a single print run, in our VDP Guide.

QR Codes & Barcodes can be added to any style tag!

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