Retail Tags

Create recognisable retail tags to suit your product and branding. Our high-quality retail tags can be fully customised – choose an eye-catching shape or unique size to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Custom printed retail tags are supplied with a 3mm drill hole as standard, perfect for adding string or ribbon before attaching to your products.

Available in a wide range of materials allowing you to select the stock that suits your brand and appeals to your customers.  Show your customers you commitement to the environment with our 100% uncoated recycled paper or our natural brown Kraft stock.

Use printed retail tags to display product prices, discounts, promotional codes, brand information and product instructions.  Keep up with the digital world and add your QR to your artwork – direct customers to your socials with a quick scan!

Although most commonly used as clothing tags, these retail tags can be used for a wide variety of products including bottled products, boxed gifts, stationary price tags, plant and flower tags and children’s toys and gifts.

We understand when starting a new business it is important to engage with your potential customers while being cautious of your financial outgoings – our retails tags are affordable yet high quality. We offer budget friendly retail tags that can make a great first impression.


retail swing tag

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