Bottle Tags and Hangers

When it comes to labelling bottles, small printed swing tags are less invasive than large scale stickers, especially if you’re trying to display the price. By using bottle tags instead of stickers, customers can easily remove the price and gift a lovely bottle of wine (or other liquid!).


Bottle Neck Hangers

Our bottle neck hangers are designed to simply slip over the neck of any bottle to add branding and advertising to your product.

Design your own custom printed bottle tags and display prices, allergy information and ingredients. Use one of our free templates, or purchase a design package and let our graphic designers create bespoke bottle tag artwork for you.

You can even print personalised bottle tags and hangers – include the recipient’s name, or the vineyard location! Or, alternatively, print your bottleneck tags with QR codes, linking the giftee directly to your website to buy more!


Bottle Tags

Add to your drinks, sauces, beauty products or speciality cooking products and make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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