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Swing tags lamination guide

Swing tags with gloss lamination

Gloss lamination is a type of bonded layer of thin plastic, which sits on top of your swing tag paper stock. Gloss is relatively cheap and will add an extra layer of durability to your swing tags, making them harder to rip. Gloss lamination will create ‘glossy’ swing tags, with a slight sheen to them.

Gloss laminate also gives the illusion of brighter colours, so if you’re design revolves around sharp, eye-catching colours, this laminate will enhance them.

Swing tags with matt lamination

Matt lamination is a similar price point to gloss lamination. The main difference here is that swing tags with matt lamination will have a gentler, subdued and elegant look to them. The contrast will not seem as bright as with gloss lamination. As such, matt lamination is ideal for a classy, elegant branding.

Soft-touch laminated swing tag

Soft-touch laminated swing tags are covered in a laminate that is pleasant to the touch and provides a velvety feel. This is perfect for high-end products, to evoke a sense of luxury. =

Waterproof swing tags

Waterproof swing tags don’t need additional lamination, as they are made from sturdier paper stock with in-built durability. These waterproof tags are also tear resistant, so are ideal for products stored outside (e.g. plants) or for tags that need to be reused time and time again (e.g. for a sale). A major advantage of waterproof swing tags is that they can be cleaned easily – simply wipe and they’re as good as new!

Should you need any assistance with your swing tag lamination options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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