Folded swing tags with custom branding and barcode for UK retail, featuring durable lamination, eyelets for easy hanging, and detailed design showcasing prices and product information.

No packaging, no problem; 4 ways that swing tags can help

You’d be forgiven for thinking every retail product arrives on the shelves in its own packaging. But for a certain few items, going packaging-free is the norm – and it’s here where swing tags and hang tags can become essential tools for labelling, product identification and marketing.

Here’s just a few of the packaging-free products that benefit from swing tags.


Let’s start with the obvious one! When was the last time you purchased a t-shirt that came in a box?

Plenty of clothing items are bought straight off the hanger rail, which gives clothing manufacturers limited options for displaying their branding across their range. Swing tags come to the rescue as a non-intrusive way to place your logo front and centre; not to mention helping consumers identify the size and material they’re looking for.

Bags and luggage

You’ll rarely see a suitcase or a backpack being sold in packaging, since customers will usually want to get a feel for carrying the bag themselves before purchasing; and perhaps since the idea of using a box or bag to store another bag seems a bit daft…

Tying a swing tag to your luggage product’s handle – the one spot that those try-before-you-buy consumers are guaranteed to interact with – provides an unmissable space to shout about your product’s storage capacity, number of pockets, adjustability and other key selling points.

Furniture and appliance showrooms

There wouldn’t be much point in a showroom where all the products are hidden inside boxes, would there?

Larger swing tags come in handy for adding product specifications, price tags and special offers to display items, such as chairs and sofas, kitchen appliances and other household goods.

And when it comes to upholstery and other potentially flammable products, swing tags can also serve as labels to indicate an item’s fire resistance – a legal requirement for any furniture retailer!

Musical instruments

And to finish off, here’s one more case where having the product readily accessible is often the key to influencing customers to buy.

Instrument retailers will often line their walls with guitars hanging from wall mounts, or demonstration keyboard units switched on and ready to use; so customers are free to pick them up and examine how they sound and feel to play.

Swing tags will easily tie onto the headstock of a guitar or the pole of a keyboard stand, where they can extol that item’s brand, features, price and offers/financing options – a godsend for instrument manufacturers and retailers alike.

And that’s just some of the ways that swing tags can give non-packaged products a marketing boost – stay tuned to the blog for more. And if you’re looking to create your own personalised swing tags for your product or retail brand, get in touch on 02380 878030 or email today!

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