Why Clothing Tags Are So Important in the Apparel Industry

Here at Swing Tags, we receive so many clothing tags orders every week! We thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell you why clothing tags are so important in the apparel industry. Young designers may be so focused with the style, colour, and cut of their clothing that they neglect to give clothing tags much attention. The same is true for consumers; although the appearance and price of a piece of clothing are frequently the buyers’ top priorities, clothing tags shouldn’t be disregarded too quickly. Clothing tags provide crucial product information that could be the difference between an item being bought and being returned to the rack.

Clothing Tags Provide Information About the Materials Used

The description of the materials the item is made of is one of the most crucial elements of clothing labels.

shirt with black friday tagConsumers nowadays are more concerned about the environment than ever before, and not all materials are produced in the same way. With so many products including plastic (like lycra, polyester, and nylon), consumers now have a true ethical choice in the clothing they choose. For a variety of reasons, materials made of plastic are harmful for the environment. These materials need a lot of energy to produce, come from non-renewable natural resources, and are not biodegradable.

A staggering third of all materials used in the supply chain are wasted before a garment even reaches the clothing rack, and 60% of new items will wind up in a landfill within a year. A quality clothing tag will include comprehensive information about the fabric used to create the garment, allowing the consumer to make an informed purchase decision.


Although clothing labels are a necessity, they also give designers a chance to market their company. Your clothing tag can serve as a platform for your brand image in addition to providing technical information about the fabrics and temperatures.

A strong, recognisable brand promotes client loyalty through building trust, and it can mean the difference between a business’s success and failure.

Clothing tags may include your company’s name, tagline, or a guarantee to the customer. They can communicate your company’s dedication to sustainability or detail the garment’s environmentally friendly production method.

Some companies add humorous quips or holiday greetings to their garment labels as a way to express their sense of humour.

Swing Tags

Our swing tags convey both brand messaging and item identification. They are available in a variety of materials, including paperboard, cloth, plastics, metal, and even wood. At Swing Tags, we are constantly searching for the most innovative design and format to provide a style that perfectly accentuates your distinctive brand values.

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