How Recycled Swing Tags Can Help Your Business

How Recycled Swing Tags Can Help Your Business

Why bother with recycled swing tags?

You might be wondering: why bother with something so small? Well, over the course of the year, your average apparel company will create tens of thousands of swing tags – for clothing instructions, price tags and sale offers. With this in mind, the cumulative waste can be enormous…so if you’re looking to be a friend to the environment, employing recycled swing tags is a good place to start.

Our recycled swing tags are made from entirely recycled paper stocks, but are still top quality and offer good paper whiteness. They are printed on 350gsm uncoated stock, which feels natural to the touch. Recycled swing tags are also incredibly versatile. These uncoated tags are porous- so you can write on them: perfect for sale tags, gift tags and luggage tags!


What impact will recycled swing tags have on my finances?

There’s a common misconception that to be eco-friendly, it will have to cost you huge amounts of money. This isn’t the case for our recycled swing tags. A standard small batch of 125 swing tags on regular silk paper will cost you £25 without VAT. The same size batch of fully recycled and recyclable swing tags will cost you £25.63. That’s the difference of 63 pence to help save the environment – truly a small price to pay!

Will customers buy recycled swing tags?

Yes! More and more research now is suggesting that customers factor in the eco-conscious nature of a brand before buying. We are all looking to do our bit to protect the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, and knowing that a company offers recycled products might just be the information needed to switch between brands.

As for large scale orders for clients – what business isn’t looking to do less damage to the environment? And for the difference of 63p – it’s an easy choice to make.

How can I use recycled swing tags to promote my business?

Let your customers know that your clothing apparel tags, gift tags, labels or bottleneck hangers (whatever you use swing tags for!) are recycled. This will promote your brand as ethical and eco-conscious and draw in new customers. If you want to go even further – try our kraft tags. Whereas the recycled tags are white as they’ve been through a bleaching process, the kraft tags are a natural brown hue. They look great for gifts, artisanal goods or anything that’s eco-conscious. These krafts tags are made from fully recycled paper stocks and are fully recyclable after use… but, as they don’t go through the bleaching process, they use even less energy than the recycled tags – making them an even greener choice!

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