Rectangle Swing Tags

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Rectangle Swing Tags

Rectangular Swing Tags are the perfect choice for when you need a bit of extra space. Use rectangular tags for ingredients, instructions and extra information. We also offer rounded corner rectangle swing tags to soften the custom tag’s appearance and reduce risk of snagging on delicate products.

Rectangular swing tags are often used for clothing labels, but also have a number of other uses including:

  • Waterproof rectangular tags for plants / outdoor displays
  • Custom made gift tags
  • Warning labels / health and safety tags
  • Care instructions / washing directions
  • Bottleneck tags… and much more!

We offer a wide range of rectangular swing tag sizes, ranging from 50mm x 75mm to 75mm x 150mm – however, we can also create bespoke dimensions, so whatever size tag you need: we can provide!

We recommend adding finishing extras to your rectangular tags design to ensure maximum durability and aesthetic appeal. Choose your string type and colour, add Gloss, Matt or Soft-Touch lamination or include foiled elements to help specific details stand out. We also offer embossed swing tags and Spot UV detailing.

Why not create your rectangular swing tag design complete with a built in QR code? This will allow customers to instantly link to more online information about your company, your social platforms or even related products – encouraging future purchases.

Variable data printing can also allow you to include different elements on each tag, within the same print run: ideal if your rectangle labels are being used for limited edition products. And with variable printing you can also split your order between different branch details – address, contact details, even store name! Please note, our swing tags are typically printed digitally which means there is a small amount of movement when printing, this can mean designs are not all perfectly central. If you would like your swing tags printed using our litho press, please contact us for a cost.

Create your own artwork using one of our downloadable templates, or take advantage of our in house tag design services.


Shapes / Sizes see previews for detailed views:

  • Rectangle


  • Printed in 4 colour to one or both sides


  • Silk (150gsm-400gsm)
  • Gloss (150gsm – 400gsm)
  • Uncoated (150gsm – 400gsm)
  • Kraft (170gsm – 280gsm)
  • Recycled (160gsm – 350gsm)
  • Waterproof/Tear Proof (160gsm – 360gsm)
  • Uncoated Coloured (160gsm-240gsm) – Available in 20 colours
  • Paper Range Support Guide


  • Hole drilled and trimmed to size

Hole Diameter:

  • 3mm – standard
  • Also available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm – please let us know at time of ordering if you would like to change to one of these sizes.


  • No string supplied
  • String supplied but not attached
  • String supplied looped
  • String supplied tied

String Type:

  • Elastic – Black and White
  • Natural String
  • Coloured String – Black, White, Red, Gold, Silver, Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue
  • Rustic String
  • Two Tone String
  • Metal Ball and Chain
  • Coloured Ribbon – Red, White, Black, Gold, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Silver
  • Printed Coloured Ribbon

Lamination Options:

  • Matt Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Silk Lamination
  • Soft Touch Matt Lamination
  • More info…

Additional Finishing Options: 


Can I order rectangular swing tags with gold foiling? 
Yes, rectangular swing tags with gold foiling will be an eye-catching display to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd!


Template Read Me Guide

Your designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage or send over to us later if it is easier. Alternatively, visit our Artwork Design Services page for more information regarding our professional design service.

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