Swing Tag Paper Range

Silk Coated Paper

Silk coated paper is ideal for your printed swing tags. With a silk (or satin) coating applied to both sides, your swing tickets will have a natural sheen. Colours will look vibrant and text will be easy to read. Silk paper gives the product an expensive feel and look, while protecting the product from everyday wear and tear. It offers a classic look and feel, with a beautiful sheen and silky texture – perfect for your custom swing tags! Our best selling coated stock is ideal for swing tags and more.

For an elegant look that will last, choose silk paper for your printed swing tickets.

Gloss Coated Paper

Gloss coated paper is a high quality, glossy and shiny paper with a wide range of uses. The glossy appearance of this paper gives you a beautiful finish, making it ideal for your swing tag designs.

Gloss Coated stock gives the paper a smooth photographic quality while providing exceptional colour saturation, sharpness and vibrancy. It is perfect for photographs and artwork. If a “glossy” look is desirable, you will want to use gloss coated paper. The glossy finish on this paper makes colour jump off the page and gives artwork a rich, vibrant look.

With a high gloss finish, it offers an elegant and professional look to any swing tag. Gloss paper is also more resistant to cracking than uncoated paper so it can be folded and/or scored without fear of the print cracking or peeling off.

Please bear in mind that the gloss coating gives the paper a reflective quality which can cause a glare on your swing tags.

Paper Range

Matte Coated Paper

This paper has anti-glare properties that means text can be easily read. Both sides have a matte coating which produces a dull finish making it the ideal paper stock for natural-look swing tags. 

Matte coated paper is ideal for colour printing, particularly for swing tags -the matte finish means colours are less vibrant than on gloss or silk coated paper offering an organic look to your tags. 

With a matt coating and slightly textured feel, this paper is ideal for use with gloss spot UV varnish or foiling. The muted effect of the coating makes it perfect for use on luxury packaging that demands simple sophistication.


Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is an eco-friendly choice and is often made up of 100% recycled material. It’s fully recyclable, so you can order guilt-free knowing that your swing tags won’t end up in landfill.

Our uncoated paper has a more rustic feel that makes it perfect for swing tag designs that would benefit from an environmentally friendly, yet still high-quality feel. For a washed out or faded appearance to your swing tags, this paper is ideal. 

Unlike other other paper stocks, uncoated paper has no coating, so this makes it easier to tear and crack. This means it may not be the best choice for folded swing tags. 

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