Spot UV Printing

Add style to your swing tags by adding Spot UV! Spot UV increases the vibrancy and depth of your product tag – ideal for attracting your customers attention.

We can print Spot UV swing tags on a wide range of materials including silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled and Kraft paper, to allow you to create a truly unique clothing tag.

Design premium hang tags that stand out from the crowd! Personalise your product tag by adding Spot UV to your logo, business name and website.

What is Spot UV?

Spot UV also known as UV printing, spot varnish and spot gloss is a clear varnish which can be applied to certain areas of your printed swing tags. It creates a contrasting texture between a high shine gloss and a dull matt.

Most commonly applied as a gloss finish on a matt background, Spot UV can also be applied in matt finish on top of a gloss background.

Adding gloss spot UV to your custom swing tickets means the colours are lifted giving them a vibrant 3d effect.  Ideal for highlighting logos, images or photographs.

Spot UV Varnish print

Blind Spot UV

Another way to add a subtle yet affective finish to your swing tags is with “Blind Spot UV”. 

This process involves adding the UV varnish to a plain background that has no specific print behind it. Blind UV is ideal for swing tags as it creates an eye-catching display. Customers will expect an ordinary looking tag but as soon as they pick it up, they will notice the spot UV appearing as the card is tilted. 

If you have text (perhaps your company name or message) then why not use blind spot UV? You can have your text repeated over the whole surface of your printed swing tags. 

For a maximised ‘wow’ factor, we recommend adding lamination. Soft touch lamination (sometimes called velvet lamination) will give  your swing tags an expensive, high-quality look and feel. 

If you wish to add spot UV to your clothing tags, we would not advise using unlaminated paper – the spot UV can be absorbed by the paper meaning the high gloss effect is lost. 

spot UV on drinks packaging

Select the Spot UV areas carefully.

When designing your personalised swing tags, make sure you get the most from your spot UV! If the spot UV is applied to too many areas it risks being lost and the striking effect will be missed. Think about adding it to your printed logo or product name. Use it to liven up the reverse of your swing tag, why not add blind UV in a eye-catching pattern! 


Think about the finishing process of your item.

We recommend leaving at least 3mm around your spot UV design when close to folds or trimmed areas. The spot UV varnish needs an even, flat surface and will be prone to cracking and flaking if placed too close to a fold or edge. 

Spot UV on business card logo

How is spot UV applied?

Once your swing tags have been printed and the lamination has been added a template is placed over it. It is then fed into a specialiast machine which applies the durable clear liquid (Polymer). This sheet is then instantly dried under UV and infra red lamps (this is where the term spot UV comes from).

Setting up artwork

Artwork is supplied in the usual way with the spot UV area supplied as a separate file. This file should contain only the UV area and nothing else.

  1. Create an extra layer in your design tab and entitle it spot UV.
  2. Select a clashing colour, e.g. 100% magenta and save it as spot UV.
  3. In the first layers of your file copy the areas which will have spot UV and paste this on your new Spot UV layer in exactly the same position.
  4. The spot UV layer should now be coloured magenta.

If you have any questions about Spot UV then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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