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How To Make Swing Tags Extra Special

  1. Custom shaped swing tags

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, why not invest in your own custom shaped swing tags? Create your own shape; perhaps based on your logo or the product you sell. A wine bottle shaped tag selling vino, or a flower shaped tag selling houseplants…the possibilities are endless! Not only will this help catch your customer’s eye, it’ll also allow your product to act as a gift, with a fun, whimsically shaped tag!

Custom shaped swing tags are printed on 350gsm silk paper (business card) stock as standard, but we have a wide range of other options; mix and match to find your perfect tag!

  1. Lamination station

Why settle for a basic swing tag when you can add lamination! Most of us think of lamination as a bubbly layer of peel plastic added to a school library card or from that infamous scene in FRIENDS (‘it’s laminated!’) but lamination has evolved far beyond that!

We offer gloss, matt and soft-touch laminations to add an extra layer of luxury and durability to your tags. Gloss lamination will make your tag shiny, matt will provide a subdued, elegant finish and soft-touch provides your customers with a pleasant textile experience – the tag will be velvety smooth!

  1. Fancy foiling

To really make your tags stand out, consider adding some foiling for a touch of class with our deluxe tags! We offer numerous different colours of foiling – perfect to make a logo, graphic or piece of text really ‘pop’!

We can also use Spot UV and Holographic Foiling on your tags; ideal for conveying exclusivity and luxury, or for showcasing a genuine article! Ideal for helping to stop replicas and fakes getting out there – your holographic foiling will tell your customers your product is the real deal!

  1. Embrace the folds

Why settle for just one panel, when you could have a whole booklet’s worth! Ideal for suppling information, ingredients, care instructions or just to tell your brand’s story.

Leave your front page uncluttered so that customers can really focus on your logo and branding!

  1. More than string

Finally – consider what you’re attaching your swing tag with. The type of string used may seem unimportant, but it can really help to give your product a boost!

Consider the metallic ball chain option to convey quality, or choose a coloured string to complement your branding and really make your logo stand out. Elastic will give your tag some mobility and ‘bounce’, helping to catch the eye!

If you’re keen to find out more about our Swing Tags, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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