7 top swing tag uses

When you think of swing tags you might not think they can be used innovatively to help your business; after all, they’re just small pieces of card with some string through them! However, swing tags can be used for any retail product imaginable – and these little card tags are incredibly versatile! Take a look at our top seven swing tag uses here…

  1. Clothing tags

    The most common use of a swing tag, these nifty devices are perfect for apparel tags- where a sticky label just won’t do! Attach a tag with the size, materials, care instructions and price, and include your company logo, branding and ethos!

    Not only are clothing labels handy, they are also better for the environment than conventional packaging methods; tags are made from recyclable card stocks, and can even be made from repurposed material too (made with kraft paper); simply create your perfect swing tag that represents your company image to a tee (shirt!!).

  2. Creating Collections

    Use swing tags to create collections across your range, whether this be clothing, homeware, crockery, toys or any other product line! Use swing tags to identify collections in your products, letting customers know immediately what items complement each other.

    This is ideal for kitchenware – marking out matching utensils, so the customer can complete the whole set!

  3. Promote endorsements

    Your product may have been recommended by a publication or won an award. Swing tags are a classy, stylish way to include your endorsement on your product, without needing tons of new packaging.

    Simply add a small tag stating (for example) ‘Recommended by as the best swing tag of 2021!’ and watch the sales pour in, and your customer base grow!

  4. Gift tags and price tags

    Use swing tags as gift tags and avoid the need for a card or wrapping. Simply include your message and the recipient’s name and off you go! Ideal for secret santas, Christmas presents or Valentine’s gifts, your custom printed swing tags can be designed according to the festive season!

    If you’re hoping that your item will be given as a gift, consider using our perforated tags to include a removable price on your swing tag. That way the buyer can easily tear off the price and deliver it to the lucky recipient!

  5. Decoration

    Similarly, swing tags offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way of adding some decoration to your product. With our foiling and spot UV, you can create truly stunning tags that will liven up your item! We even have a range of die-cut style swing tags! Want to create your own unique shape – no problem, shop now for your own custom shaped swing tags!

    And, because they easily untie from the product, customers can choose to keep them if they wish!

  6. Waterproof Products

    We can create fully waterproof swing tags – ideal for products that might get wet! Consider using a laminated, waterproof tag for a plant in a garden centre, or for ingredients for cooking, that might get splashed!

    Similarly, use waterproof swing tags for cosmetic bottles; include all the instruction and ingredients you need on splash-proof, laminated paper, ensuring your tag remains in tact throughout use.

  7. Hospitality

    Consider using swing tags as fun, engaging additions to menus to showcase the latest specials. Simply hook onto your menu and change weekly, monthly, seasonally – or whenever the specials change!

    Swing tags can also be used for wedding or party favours, and look especially fetching around the neck of a bottle of wine or some sugared almonds!

    Feeling inspired by our 7 top swing tag uses? Get in touch today to discuss your swing tag needs with our friendly team!

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