Circular Sale Tags

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Circular Sale Tags

*When placing your order, please add the style name in the order notes*

These circular sale tags are perfect for directing shoppers to your latest sale promotion. Pre-designed and ready to go – just insert your sale information for quick, easy and professional labelling!

Our circular sale swing tags are the perfect solution to get your message across with quality, style and a little creativity. With designs that are both fun and eye-catching, you can be sure that your customers will be impressed by your brand. Available in many different sizes and materials, our circular swing tags are ready for any retailer’s needs. We want to do all of the work for you so you can concentrate on what’s important: your customers.

Circular Sale Tag Printing Options

Make your sale tags stand out with our printed circular tags. We have a range of materials to help you create the look you want, whether you’re looking for something clean and simple or bold and colourful. With a choice of recycled and uncoated paper options, our circular tags can help you promote your brand, message or product.

Circular Sale Tag Uses

Use circular sale tags to mark items on sale and increase company sales. These circular swing tags are perfect for identifying reduced priced items or those that are sold by date. Made of a durable material, these tags can be attached to clothing, produce and other merchandise with ease.


Shapes/Sizes see previews for detailed views:

  • 100mm diameter


  • Printed in 4 colour to one or both sides


  • Silk (150gsm – 400gsm)
  • Uncoated (150gsm – 400gsm)
  • Recycled (160gsm – 350gsm)


  • Hole drilled and trimmed to size

Hole Diameter:

  • 3mm – standard


  • No string supplied
  • String supplied but not attached
  • String supplied looped
  • String supplied tied

String Type:

  • Elastic – Black and White
  • Natural String
  • Coloured String – Black, White, Red, Gold, Silver, Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue
  • Rustic String
  • Two Tone String
  • Metal Ball and Chain
  • Coloured Ribbon – Red, White, Black, Gold, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Silver
  • Printed Coloured Ribbon


Can I write on these sale tags?
Yes, silk paper can be written on with a ballpoint pen and uncoated stocks can be written on using any pen or pencil.
Are these sent with holes in the top?
Yes, your circular sale tags will be pre-drilled. For more information, take a look at our “Drill Holes” support guide.
Do you have any other shaped sale tags? 
Can I recycle these circular sale swing tags?
Yes, these are fully recyclable. If you are keen to be green, take a look at How Recycled Swing Tags Can Help Your Business.
Are these cheap swing tags?
Our swing tags are economically priced and we offer affordable prices for your hang tags.
How are these circular sale tags cut? 
We have specialist machinery that punches the holes so that they are all in the same place and are the same size! Take a look at our “Die Cutting Explained” support guide for more information.


Template Read Me Guide

Your designs can be uploaded at the checkout stage or send over to us later if it is easier. Alternatively, visit our Artwork Design Services page for more information regarding our professional design service.

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