Scratch Off latex

Add scratch latex to your swing tags and create an interactive, exciting tag to attract the attention of your customers! Add discount codes, giveaways or freebies under the latex.

Scratch off latex (panels) is available in silver, gold or black. Simply add an artwork layer to your design and create interactive panels for your guests to scratch off!

And with overprinting, we can even print on top of the latex panels!

Scratch off latex is an opaque ink that hides the image or text below. Simply scratch off the latex to reveal whats underneath!

Adding scratch off latex to your swing tags, allows you to hide discount codes, prizes and much, much more!

When ordering your scratch off swing tags, we recommed ordering stock weights over 350gsm. Scratch off latex is available in either silver or gold.

scratch off latex on scratch card

How is scratch latex applied?

  • Once your swing tag design has been printed, a lottery release seal is applied to the scratch off areas so that the latex is easy to scratch off with a coin, plectrum or finger nail.
  • Gloss or matt lamination can be applied if desired.
  • Once the lottery release seal is dry the scratch off latex can be applied. This is usually the last process, unless over-printing is required on to of the latex.

Potential problems…and their solutions!

Poor adherence of the scratch off ink.


Allow enough drying time. It is imperative that the print is fully dry before the lottery release seal is applied. Once the lottery release seal has been applied, this must also have adequate drying time before the latex is applied.

The drying time needed can depend on a range of factors including the weather and the ink saturation. This part of the process must not be rushed.

Choose the correct paper type – we print our scratch off swing tags on our silk stock for the best outcome. Any uncoated papers are unsuitable due to the paper absorbency.

Scratch off areas are too close to each other


Please bear in mind that the latex layer will overlap the chosen area by 2mm. We can print any size or shape latex design but think about spacing when designing your swing tags.

The prize can be seen through the reverse


Lower weight paper stocks can cause problems with prizes showing through the reverse of your swing tags. Make sure when placing your swing tag order, you select a sufficient paper stock (we recommend at least 300gsm). Avoid using bright coloured images under the latex unless you are using a heavy weight stock. 

The print on top of the scratch off latex is pale


When over-printing on top of the scratch off latex, we recommend using 100% black. Coloured text or images may appear pale and hard to see. 


If you have any further questions on scratch off latex then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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